Every January, Key West becomes a hub for foodies everywhere when the Annual Key West Food and Wine Festival comes along. From January 24th to 28th, the 9th Annual Key West Food and Wine Festival brings food lovers from all over the world to one place with 30 different events for anyone with a knack for the culinary arts. During the festival, the Key West inns will be rolling out the red carpets to accommodate those attending to provide attendees with the best stay. The Cabana Inn is a cozy option for those looking for an atmosphere that is sure to create the perfect home away from home.

The Events

30 unique events are available during the festival. Many of these events include classes, tastings, wine tours, scavenger hunts, specialty meals, and more. The Casa Marina and The Reach are hosting many of the main events while local businesses and groups organize and hold many of the other culinary activities. Every day guests can choose from the different events to attend. There is something everyone can take part in, whether you are looking to sharpen your skills and learn new culinary techniques or if you just want to indulge in heavenly creations.

The Food And WineKey West Inns

The best events to fit your taste in food and interests in the culinary skills can be found on the Key West Food and Wine website. You will be able to discover freshly cooked servings or tantalize your taste buds with sips of artisan wines. Though each event available is a little different, ranging from seafood to Italian cuisine, there is a VIP experience one to consider attending. Showcasing Italian foods with Francesca De Franchis, guests can learn about the history of the culture and food while diving into cooking, tasting, and experiencing it all.

The Experience

The entire festival lasts five days that are full of food, cooking, drinking, and experiencing beautiful Key West. Pick out your favorite attractions, purchase your tickets, and stay in one of the most comfortable Key West inns with The Cabana Inn. Celebrate a foodie’s paradise on the island while also experiencing all Key West has to offer.