Key West and Cuba have been closely linked throughout history, due to their geographical proximity and Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain. Luckily, one of the fruits of this pairing is the rich Cuban cuisine in Key West, spawning several restaurants that dish up tostones rellenos, Cuban mix sandwiches, and more. When it comes to finding the perfect place to eat, you’ll likely search “Cuban restaurant near me” to help determine a few spots to choose from—only to find dozens of options on Google. Instead of aimlessly searching “Cuban restaurant near me,” visit this guide during your stay at the Cabana Inn for a quick and thorough rundown of who’s who in the Cuban food scene in Key West.

Choosing Your Favorite “Cuban Restaurant Near Me”

When it comes to selecting which “Cuban restaurant near me” will best suit your preferences, make sure to peek at the menus. That way, you know what to expect before you get to the restaurant. Who knows—maybe you’ll try them all and not be able to pick a favorite for the best Cuban food in Key West. 

El Siboney

Although pork is essential to Cuban cuisine, El Siboney’s organizes its menu by type of meat. This way, you can still eat Cuban-inspired dishes but opt for white meat if that fits your dietary preferences. The Siboney Steak is a popular favorite, as well as the Paella – but make sure you call ahead an hour ahead of time to order it. 

El Mason de Pepe

Perhaps the most authentic Cuban restaurant in Key West, El Mason de Pepe serves traditional dishes such as tostones rellenos (stuffed plantains with meat), ropa vieja (shredded skirt steak with peppers, tomatoes, onions), and the Cuban mojito. Opt for a twist on nachos, where chips are made with plantains and topped with ropa vieja, picadillo, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes, onions and more. Sit at their patio bar for views of the Gulf of Mexico and Old Town, and walk 10 minutes back through town to get back to The Cabana Inn. 

Frita’s Cuban Burger Cafe

Frita’s Cuban Burger’s namesake dish is an example of Cuban street food from the 1930s. Spanish spices, fries, and a special sauce top the blended pork and beef burger patty. Besides their extensive list of sandwiches, Frita’s offers arepas, cheese toast, empanadas, and fish reubens. Try these foods you usually wouldn’t be able to try at home just by walking around the block from our Key West inn. 

Fernandy’s Cafe 

Get a Cuban lunch or dinner platter at Fernandy’s, complete with rice, black beans, plantains, and bread. Accompany your meal with Cuban coffee, whether it be a colada, cortadito, or cafe con leche. Check out the daily specials, like Oxtail, pepper steak, or molletes. This cafe is only a little over half a mile away, almost a straight shot from our Key West inn. 

Key West Inns

Now, you won’t have to search “Cuban restaurant near me” during your visit to The Cabana Inn. Return to your room with a full belly and sleep off your Cuban food coma before tackling your night on the town on Duval Street, just one block away. Give us a call at 866-413-2230 or visit us on our website for more unique things to do in Key West if trying our Cuban restaurants leaves you wanting more.