Key West is full of incredible cultural finds that reflect the colorful heritages that created our diverse home. Join us at The Cabana Inn, and discover all of the best cultural Key West attractions. You will be able to experience some of the most adored traditions, taste the best local cuisine, and learn about a few of our most exciting historical happenings along the way!

The Tastes of Key West

If you love food and enjoy tasting the traditional culinary techniques of different cultures, there are a couple of spots that you will want to check out on your Key West getaway. One place, Blue Haven, takes hold of the free-spirited side of Key West. You will be welcomed by the famous Key West cats and chickens that roam the island as well as al fresco dining, where the typical umbrella seating is naturally shaded by lush and living island foliage. You will find an array of unique features at the Blue Haven that make this establishment much more than just a place to find a delicious meal.

If you are looking for a sensational blend of ethnic flavors and incredible home-cooking, Bliss is where you need to be. Much like the name, this blissful establishment is full of key elements that Mother Nature provided along with cooking techniques that remind many of a tropical home. Try something new and breathtakingly delightful at Bliss, one of the tastiest Key West attractions on your list of must-sees.

Odd Residents That You Can’t Help But Love

Key West AttractionsIt may seem odd to many, but here in Key West, we have a few interesting residents that have called this place home for quite some time. The most famous of them are the Key West chickens. Many of our Key West attractions and businesses host art, pictures, and memorabilia of roosters, and that can be explained simply by the large number of chickens that roam our streets. Locals and visitors alike find these plucky little creatures to be living, breathing Key West attractions in themselves.

The other celebrities of Key West that can’t be ignored are the Hemingway House cats. Yes, you read that right— cats! These polydactyl critters are known to prowl the streets of Key West and even have their own team of caregivers to make sure they are all healthy and happy. If you meet a few during your stay at The Cabana Inn, they would surely enjoy a greeting with a scratch behind the ear.

Experience It All With The Cabana Inn

There are plenty of vibrant features of our beautiful island home that boast the culture that has built it. When you visit us at The Cabana Inn, you can discover all of these fascinating characteristics. Eat, explore, and experience all of the Key West attractions for an unforgettable escape like never before.