Lobsters are a delicious crustacean that many people all over the world enjoy. Whether it is a date night out or a seafood meal at home, lobster is a favorite among many. In Key West, the Lobster Mini-Sport Fishing season is opening up, and locals are getting ready for a great time bringing in a bounty of Spiny Lobster. By staying in Key West hotels near Duval Street, much like here at The Cabana Inn, you will only be a hop and a skip away from some of the best lobster fishing around.

As The Season Opens

The special two-day mini-fishing season for spiny lobsters is annually held on the last Wednesday and Thursday of July before the regular season begins. It is a massive draw for scuba divers and snorkelers alike to try their hand at reaching their limits within the two-day span. The reason many divers love searching for the spiny lobster is not only because they create fantastic seafood dishes but because they are a challenge to find. Unlike the classic red lobster we see on the media so often, the spiny lobster is more of a greyish color without the large pincers. They also love to hide and move around so fishing for these crustaceans can be a challenging task.

key west hotels near duval streetGetting In On The Action

Many fishing fanatics and avid divers look to take part in this annual event and come from all over to get in on the action. It is essential that if you wish to participate that you read up on all of the rules and regulations. If it is your first time, it is suggested that you reserve a spot on a local charter to take you out and show you the ropes as to ensure you have a smooth trip and a successful catch. The Cabana Inn is one of the Key West hotels near Duval Street that offers a comfortable stay during your lobster fishing excursion. So after a long day on the water, you can return to your cozy oasis, take a dip in the pool, and relax.

Stay, Play, Dine

During the lobster mini-fishing season, it is not unheard of to pull in your limits of spiny lobsters. Of course, when you end up with a bounty of lobsters on your boat, it is only right that you enjoy the catch in a tasty meal. Many local restaurants offer fantastic lobster options on their menus, and a few local businesses will help you clean and prepare the lobster for you to cook on your own. You can find many different recipes to try your hand in crafting a fabulous lobster tail dinner. Find yourself in comfort when you stay with us at The Cabana Inn, one of the Key West hotels near Duval Street that has a pool area, fantastic amenities, and tranquil accommodations during your lobstering excursion. If you love the ocean, fishing, and seafood, you will not want to miss out on this two-day fishing event!