With the end of the year comes the beginning of the holidays. And with the holidays comes family and friends, parties, food, gift giving, and much more to look forward to. Although, work goes in behind the scenes to pull them off without a hitch. If you want to truly take some time off and not worry about all the details that go into a flawless Christmas, taking holiday vacations with your loved ones every winter is the right choice for you. Here at the Cabana Inn, we’ll take care of the planning so you can enjoy your Christmas in Key West. Since we know that there is a certain charm to being home for the holidays, let us give us a few reasons why a Key West Christmas at the Cabana Inn is the way to go. 

Experience Unique Holiday Attractions 

What’s the holiday season without seeing Christmas lights? Key West in December has plenty of attractions that reflect the history and geography of the Keys in their festivities. For example, dozens of boats sail by the Harbor Walk with lit sails during the Key West Lighted Boat Parade. Some of the most creative boats even create the illusion of glowing dolphins jumping in and out of the water. The Key West Trolley Tour gets a holiday spin by taking riders to visit lights across the island, starting in Mallory Square for an hour of effortless light seeing. These are just two of the best things to do in Key West in December, so discover more festive activities to do around the holiday season by scheduling your trip. 

Soak Up the Warm Weather 

The climate in Key West is probably one of the main reasons you decided to visit Key West in December. Our lowest temperatures are still warm, which means you’ll have the luxury of being able to walk around without the chills or shivers while you take in the Christmas lights and other Christmas attractions. No bulky hats, mittens, and winter coats here! 

Escape Holiday Hustle and Bustle 

By spending your Christmas in Key West, you don’t have to worry about the burdens of hosting. Instead of spending your time cleaning the house, prepping the food, and wrapping the presents, simply enjoy the merriment of the holidays without the pressures of being the entertainer. Come and go as you please, with no schedule to abide by and no to-do list to check off. 

Christmas in Key West at the Cabana Inn 

The Cabana Inn is the best place to spend your Key West Christmas. The secluded lagoon-style pool, Jacuzzi, and private rooms enable you to have the vacation of your dreams, just a few steps from the action and livelihood of downtown Key West. For more information about holiday vacations, call us at 866-413-2230 or visit us on our website