We have all heard stories of swashbuckling pirates filling their ships with bounties of gold and following treasure maps to find what lies beneath a bright red “X.” However, long after the days of pirates and lavish Spanish ships sailing the open seas, people are still searching for where those treasure lay today. During the Mel Fisher Days in Key West, Florida, we celebrate the findings of one of the most famed recoveries of lost treasure off our shores. Stay with us at The Cabana Inn and take part in this annual event and discover the fascinating treasures found near Key West.

the cabanaMel Fisher’s Discovery

Many divers dream of finding that treasure chest, sunken to the bottom of the ocean with a shipwreck, full of coins, jewels, and other exotic valuables. On July 20th, 1985 Mel Fisher discovered a bounty that added him to the history books only a short way off the coast of Key West. A Spanish Galleon called the Nuestra Señora de Atocha sank during a hurricane in the year 1622, carrying a myriad of coins, bronze cannons, jewelry, indigo, silver, and gold. Mel Fisher was a passionate diver and had been searching for the ship for sixteen years when he finally came across the wreck. Dubbed as the “The Atocha Motherlode,” an estimated $450 million in bounty was recovered and Mel himself was able to keep 75% of his findings. The stern of the ship is thought to be the wealthiest section and is still hiding somewhere deep below the waves untouched.

Join In The Fun!

The Mel Fisher Days celebration is one of fun, games, and laughter. During the few days of the mid-July celebration, there are a number of scheduled paid and free events that you can take part in and help give back to the community. 100% of all proceeds that come from the festival are donated to the Wesley the cabanaHouse Family Services, Inc. to help families in the Key West area. You can participate in treasure hunting ship tours, a dock party at Schooner’s Wharf, silent auctions, raffles, the presentation of the Mel Fisher Lifetime Achievement Award, a cupcake contest, and more! Join in the fun nearby The Cabana Inn and help us give back to the community while enjoying the historic finding of the Atocha Motherlode.

The Cabana Inn Invites You

If you have a knack for adventure, enjoy a good slice of history, or are intrigued by the wonder of sunken treasure, Mel Fisher Days is an event you cannot miss! Visit us at The Cabana Inn for a premier stay nearby all of the action and take part in the festivities. Discover a piece of Key West History and discover the fun of Mel Fisher Days in celebration of the find of a lifetime!