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Get Spooky This October In Key West, Florida

As the air begins to cool around many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, the spooky season in Key West is just warming up. This October, visit us at The Cabana Inn in Key West, Florida, and get spooky with us. You will find a number of fun Key West attractions for adults to spark the [...]

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Discover The Best Key West Day Trip Yet: The Cabana Inn

Though there are numerous things to do in Key West that could easily take you a full day to explore, don’t be afraid to venture beyond our island. Take a day to explore beyond our historic Key West home for an adventure you will never forget. Depart from your accommodations at The Cabana Inn, spend [...]

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A Key West Lobster Mini-Sport Fishing Excursion

Lobsters are a delicious crustacean that many people all over the world enjoy. Whether it is a date night out or a seafood meal at home, lobster is a favorite among many. In Key West, the Lobster Mini-Sport Fishing season is opening up, and locals are getting ready for a great time bringing in a [...]

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Enjoying Mel Fisher Days In Key West

We have all heard stories of swashbuckling pirates filling their ships with bounties of gold and following treasure maps to find what lies beneath a bright red “X.” However, long after the days of pirates and lavish Spanish ships sailing the open seas, people are still searching for where those treasure lay today. During the [...]

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Annual Key West Songwriters Festival

Music and dancing have always been something that has brought people and cultures together for ages. Every year, Key West celebrates our local songwriters and music creators with the Annual Key West Songwriters Festival. Come and stay with us at The Cabana Inn and take part in all of the musical festivities as our community [...]

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