When travelers think of Key West, it is often visions of lounging on a beach with an umbrella drink. However, there is an incredible opportunity for those who love fishing to take their hobby to the next level. On your next visit to Key West take to the waves and cast a line for an exciting Key West Fishing Excursion. Take in the Cabana Key West vibes by staying at the Cabana Inn while you are here for an exceptional stay to go with your incredible fishing adventure.

Types Of Fishing Available

In Key West, the ocean creates a variety of fishing and a diversity of fish just waiting to bite. Fishing in Key West is much different from freshwater angling that you would find inland. There is deep water fishing where you can catch monsters like Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, and other varieties of saltwater swimmers. There are also trips that will take you to backwaters where the shallows will produce a different variety of fish like Tarpon, Barracuda, Snapper, and others. All deepwater vessels are equipped with fighter chairs and heavier equipment for those large sea monsters that will surely give you a challenge.

Finding A Charter

The surrounding waters of the ocean and backwaters around Key West create an extraordinary area for fishing and nature tours. It is not hard to find a fishing charter, but it can be overwhelming trying to decide which charter best fits your trip expectations. Many of the charters include tours to allow guests to get a closer look at flora and fauna of the area. Therefore, if you want a tour and more of a nature excursion, look into a charter like Fun In The Sun Key West or Adventure Watersport Charters. If you prefer an epic day of wrangling monsters of the deep, you will want to book a trip with a charter like Key West Pro Guides or Linda D Sportfishing. Most charters offer both but finding one that focuses on whatCabana Key West you want more of is good to keep in mind before you book.

Relaxing After A Day On The Water

Most of these fishing trips are a full day of open waters and fresh air, which means when the day is over you will be ready for some relaxation. The Cabana Inn is located right in the heart of the historic “Old town” area of Key West and is located close to a few delicious eateries. You can refuel with hearty meals and a drink or two and head back to your room. The Cabana Key West is a colonial style inn that provides a chic modern design. Amenities like the lagoon-inspired pool will help you kick back and recharge for more Key West adventuring. Give The Cabana Inn a call at 1-866-413-2230 to book your stay and discover the fantastic fishing in Key West waters.